Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Edu Fun Zoo Trip

by Sarah

The outing to the Johannesburg Zoo on 14th September 2009 was a day that really reflected the spirit of fun and excitement in everything we do.

The large turnout of volunteers meant that the 165 grade 3 learners from the Diepsloot Combined School could be split up into small groups of about six children each, making the whole experience enjoyable and educational for everyone.

My group took charge of the zoo map and found their way to the snakes which they were really keen to see. We managed to find the "big five" which we had learnt about earlier in the year and were entertained by the meercats and monkeys. The children were amazed to see how tall the giraffes are and the size of the elephants when you are close up to them.

After a good walk around the zoo, the children enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch complete with a volunteer-baked cupcake, and those who still had some energy left played on the playground until it was time to return to school on the buses.

I think all of the volunteers saw the zoo and the animals through fresh eyes and appreciated how special it was to share the experience with the children.

If you would like to volunteer your time for similar outings, the English teaching we do every Monday and Tuesday in the Diepsloot Combined School in Northern Johannesburg, or would like to donate funds or goods to help us in our endeavors to make a difference in the lives of these students, please contact

Avril at avrildsa@mweb.co.za or

Sarah at j.bradfield@mweb.co.za

We are an official South African NPO, registered under number 069-772-NPO

Thank you!


omchelsea said...

This trip looks wonderful It says 165 Grade 3 students; how many are in the school in total? (And I'm curious about the retention rate; how regimented or enforced is school attendance and until what age?)

EduFun said...

Hi Chelsea,

Thank you for your interest!
We'll answer your questions for you when we next talk to the head mistress of the school.

And yes, the trip was truly awesome!

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