Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mending Group

By Maria

During the usual EDU FUN Monday English lessons at Diepsloot Combined School it is easy to see that many of the children are wearing very used and ragged school uniforms, buttons are missing, there are tears in the little boys' shirts, pant-legs are frayed, and little skirts have gaping holes in them. This is why we thought of starting a mending group.

Currently, the group consists mainly of Swedish expatriates who are extremely committed to bettering the life of the children we teach by giving these little learners uniforms to be proud of, but anyone who would like to help is welcome! The school principal supports this endeavor fully and it is lovely to see children proud of their uniforms rather than embarrassed by missing buttons, or tears in not so nice places.

It really does feel wonderful to be able to help in a very tangible way!

If you would like to fund the work of the EDU FUN mending group, or volunteer your time by physically helping please contact Maria at