Monday, December 21, 2009

Health Project

by Maria

For many in South African townships healthcare can not often be a priority, or isn't even a possibility. This is why we have put together a health program for the students in the Diepsloot Combined School.

Daniela examines a child

All of us who take part in the program are volunteers, while some of us have experience in healthcare and nursing. It doesn't matter if you are an accountant or a doctor, your help is needed and appreciated!

We perform a general examination on the children, and check their eyesight as well as teeth. Following the examination and after determining which of the children need to see a doctor or an optician, we try to make sure all those children in the need of attention are given the proper care.

Maria testing eyesight

Participating in the health project is at the same time incredibly rewarding and extremely tough. Some of the children have serious health issues while others are completely well, but all of their spirits are lifted by the attention and interest given to them, and they are all happy to feel that someone cares.

Monica checking a little student's teeth

If you would like to fund the work of the EDU FUN Health Project, or volunteer your time by physically helping, please contact Maria at

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